The good fight The feuds of the founding fathers (and how they shaped the nation)


Can’t get enough of Hamilton? Think the British were the only ones we squabbled with during the Revolutionary War? Think again! A unique look at how the founding fathers settled their differences in their quest to settle a nation.
George Washington vs. King George. Benjamin Franklin vs. his son William. John Adams vs. Thomas Jefferson. Alexander Hamilton vs. everyone
Join author Anne Quirk and illustrator Elizabeth Baddeley as they referee four fascinating historical throw-downs between the founding fathers . . . and prove that the United States of America is a place worth fighting for.

Praise for The Good Fight:

“Want to make the story of our founding fathers relevant and interesting? One way is to produce a groundbreaking, award-winning Broadway rap musical. Another solution might be to offer this slim tome, a summary of four fractious early American relationships.”  Booklist
“Readers will be pleasantly surprised not only by the nuggets of history they’ll learn but also the lesson that heated debate isn’t necessarily bad – it can even be wildly productive.” School Library Journal
“Briskly paced, humorously illustrated.” Horn Book

Junior Library Guild Selection

Bank Street College Best Children’s Book of the Year 2018

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