Lettering for Willamette Week

I did this job a few weeks ago for Willamette Week's annual restaurant guide. It was for an article that deciphers where all those chalkboard-advertised local famers actually come from. 

Here's the whole piece so you can get the full scope of how much I had to write! I think it's about time I designed a font in my handwriting. If anyone has any tips for great programs to do this, I'd love to hear them! 


Whoooeee, I've been busy lately. I've been spending my days doing training for my new part time job (which, let's be honest, I'll probably spend as much at as I'll make). My nights have been spent on a couple of various freelance jobs. This one was done over the course of about a day and half, so it's a little rougher and cartoony than I normally work, but it was still a great design challenge and a fun job to work on.  If you're in Portland this week, my recommendation is for the ice cream ride!

And look at how they called out my little bike riding Lady Godiva! Cute!