Be Brave! Have Courage!

I've recently returned from a fantastic, desperately needed trip to California! I'm so back logged though that I haven't even scanned half of my sketches done on my travels. Key words for the week would be: IDOLS, SUNSETS, SEAFOOD, DISNEY, DISASTER, DISNEY, MIRACLES, FAMILY, FUN. Not bad for a week's vacay, huh? I hope to post much more soon, but for now, some wise words from a childhood hero, Tomie DePaola as he delivered a closing keynote at the LA SCBWI conference:

Emily Warren Roebling

Recently, I was contacted by Julia Rothman to contribute to her most recent amazing conglomeration of writers and illustrators, titled The Who, the What and the When: 65 Artists Illustrate the Secret Accomplices of History.  (It's sort of a follow up to her previous creation, The Where, the Why and the How).  This book focuses on the person behind (or sometimes beside) the famous person we all know about. My gal, Emily Warren Roebling was the wife of Brooklyn Bridge architect Washington Roebling (who was in fact the son of the bridge designer, John was a family affair). When Washington Roebling fell ill during the construction, it was up to Emily to get the job done. As a reward, she was the first person to cross the bridge on May 24, 1883 carrying a rooster to symbolize victory. I'm thrilled any time I get the opportunity to portray strong, intelligent women and Emily Warren Roebling certainly fit the bill. Check out my tumblr blog for a special animated version! 

Thanks to Julia for including me in this project. The book will be available fall, 2014 and published by Chronical Books. Don't worry, I will be sure to spam your facebooks, twitters and tumblrs when the book is available for purchase. 


I made an animated version for your web viewing pleasure,  but be sure to check out the actual illustration on my tumblr blog !

I made an animated version for your web viewing pleasure, but be sure to check out the actual illustration on my tumblr blog!