Girl Talk!

So, the rule of thumb for this little illustration business I've been embarking on this past year is this: when you leave town, you will get work. Happens every time. After having to turn down a job on one occassion, I decided it was time to get mobile. So glad that I did, for if I had not, I would have missed out on this fun little project. 

Improper Bostonian

This piece is for the Improper Bostonian and it was for an article full of womens' advice for men. You can read it here. Thanks to art director Mallory Scyphers for the fun concept (and the PDF of the layout below) and to my boo for modelin'. This is your life now. Hope you don't mind!

Improper Bostonian

Improper Bostonian

Here's some lettering I did for the current Improper Bostonian! It was for an article on "green" weddings. How timely, no? 


And some details. I was super pumped to finally get to make lettering that looked like branches! (yes, SUPER pumped).


I also did some spots:


If anyone is curious how these sorts of things start out, here are my sketches. My sketches for lettering jobs tend to be a little more refined and cleaner than for illustration jobs because it's not just about getting a concept across, but also direction for tone and how the piece reads. It's more work up front, but a lot easier for me in the end.

Thanks to super-easy-to-work-with, art director, Nicole Begin. This was a lot of fun!