Girl Talk!

So, the rule of thumb for this little illustration business I've been embarking on this past year is this: when you leave town, you will get work. Happens every time. After having to turn down a job on one occassion, I decided it was time to get mobile. So glad that I did, for if I had not, I would have missed out on this fun little project. 

Improper Bostonian

This piece is for the Improper Bostonian and it was for an article full of womens' advice for men. You can read it here. Thanks to art director Mallory Scyphers for the fun concept (and the PDF of the layout below) and to my boo for modelin'. This is your life now. Hope you don't mind!

Improper Bostonian

TV Land

!! So Excited !! Today I have my first ever illustration in the New York Times! It's definitely a milestone in the career of any illustrator and one I'll never forget. You can read the article here. 

The article about how TV shows these days infultrate our lives and bring continuity to the fragmented way we go about living. It goes on to talk about how we are able to binge on hours of a single TV show in one setting due to DVD's and platforms like Hulu and Netflix. This is something I can totally relate to having just spent the holidays blowing through all of "Downton Abbey", the first season of "The West Wing", and, since this project has completed, "Homeland". I wanted to explore the feeling that these characters come to feel like part of your life even though they are just fictional characters that don't actually exist in real life. 

This is my favorite part of the illustration. I like to call it "Heisenberg steals a cookie". Ha Ha.

Major THANK YOU to the talented art director with the coolest name in town, Aviva Michaelov for this assignment. I'll never forget it!

New York New Work!

Hi all! I'm back in New York, freshly returned from a vacation in Kansas City and have dove head first into a slew of new work. This piece isn't so new, but it IS newly published, so now I'm happy to share it with you.


Literally the DAY OF graduation, I was contacted by art director, Matt Lennert, to see if I would be able to do a piece for the Deloitte Review. The article is about cloud computing and how it is offering up a whole slew of new options for business owners. The concept was pretty foreign to me (though it is something I use every day), it was a fun project to work on since Matt really had a great grasp of what I was good at...hello, perfect job! Very thankful for this opportunity.


Whoooeee, I've been busy lately. I've been spending my days doing training for my new part time job (which, let's be honest, I'll probably spend as much at as I'll make). My nights have been spent on a couple of various freelance jobs. This one was done over the course of about a day and half, so it's a little rougher and cartoony than I normally work, but it was still a great design challenge and a fun job to work on.  If you're in Portland this week, my recommendation is for the ice cream ride!

And look at how they called out my little bike riding Lady Godiva! Cute!