Coaches: John Calipari

So, I didn't post yesterday. I didn't really like the coach I did (Jim Calhoun), so I didn't post it. It's my blog and I can do what I want to :P.

Anyway, today's coach, John Calipari of Kentucky is probably the most loathed of all the coaches in College Basketball today, what with all the (controversies), revoked titles and the insanely talented team of "one-and-doners" he has today. So, without further ado, as his team handidly beats Baylor, John Calipari:


Coaches: Bill Self

Well, it's march and I'm MAD!! Mad for college basketball that is (yuck, yuck). The NCAA tourney time is officially one of my favorite times of year. Spring is on the horizon, everyone is coming out of their cocoons, the beer is flowing and once again, my 'Hawks are in it to win it! 

College basketball is a special kind of sport. Loyalties run deep. Players come and go. Being students, 4 years (if you're lucky) is the max you ever get to see your favorite player, but the Coaches are an institution. Sometimes staying decades at one school, we truly grow to love...or love to hate the Coaches of our teams and rivals. The tournament is played on 8 days, spanning 3 weeks. I'm going to post a portrait of some of my favorite Coaching characters on each of those days. The first, why of course, the handsome Bill Self of Kansas!