On Location: The Q Train

Well, folks, this is it–my final SVA sponsored post! This was my final project for my drawing on location class. I intrigued by the subway stations in this city. They are all so different. Some are beautiful and bright and some are downright creepy! I wanted to draw some of the stations on my daily commute from Queens to Manhattan and I chose to juxtapose each station with what lies above (or, if you're up in Queens, below) the station. Same location, two different worlds. I'm planning on making this an ongoing project and would definitely like to do the whole Q-train route over the summer!

Cover 1.Astoria

Astoria Boulevard



Queensboro Plaza



Times Square, 42nd Street



23rd Street



Canal Street


Courtelyou Road

On Location: The Met

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to go on a backstage tour of the Met with my drawing class. This was hands down one of the coolest museum/tours I have been on in NYC. If you are ever visiting or even if you live here, I highly recommend adding this destination to your list. There's no photography allowed, and our tour was a short 90 minutes, so all the drawings were done while walking alongside our amazing tour guide, Brett (who you'll see depicted in the plaid Blazer). I felt like I was participating in some sort of drawing-on-location Olympics. So little time. So much to see. 

Met_3 Met_7 Met_5 Met_6 Met_4 Met_1 Met_2

On Location: My Studio!

Drawing class this week was in the classroom. Not that doesn't have it's perks (think limber dancers, masks, guys with sticks and girls in big hats), but those are more about experimenting. This week's location drawing comes to you from the window inside my studio.

I'm so lucky to have a great space that looks North out over Manhattan. It's mostly water towers and skyscrapers, but that's fine by me! I get to see some pretty great sunsets off to the West and at night, I get to peek into everyone's apartments. I'm thinking of getting some binoculars. What do you think?

On Location Friday: Governor's Island

I am taking a drawing on location class this year, so I thought it would be fun to post every Friday where I have been and what I have been up to. This week was Governor's Island. I'm completely spent from a day out in the sun, wind and glorious weather, so I won't go into details. You know how to use links, you can read all about governor's island...HERE. Have a great weekend!