Sketchbook: Andy Goldsworthy's Walking Wall

I can’t recall the first time I discovered Andy Goldsworthy. I know I was young, possibly a high school student pouring over a heavy art book my mom brought home from work. I remember seeing his brightly arranged collections of leaves and thinking—I get this. This was the kind of “art” I would make in the wooded, creek-lined backyard of my childhood home. Collecting and arranging. In college, I gave a talk to my Drawing II class about his works and was mesmerized to see him in action while watching Rivers and Tides at the arthouse movie theater I felt cool just stepping foot in.

So I was obviously thrilled to find out that Mr. Goldsworthy would be creating an installation practically in my back yard. Franklin (my dog) and I have been wandering over to the Nelson-Atkins every few weeks this spring to check the progression of the Walking Wall—the title of his current installation (you can read more about it on his web site). Yesterday was a rare sunny day in a month of almost torrential rain. While my days have been busy and my nights sleepless, I knew I had to jump on the opportunity to go out and capture my version of a Goldsworthy original. I owed it to my high school self.