Yesterday marked the publication day for my most recent book to hit the shelves: THE CAT WHO LIVED WITH ANNE FRANK. It was written by David Lee Miller and Steven Jay Ruben and published by Philomel. Click here for purchasing info.


The story of Anne Frank and of the Holocaust is a serious and difficult subject to broach to a child of picture book reading age. I entered into this project with great reverence for the serious nature of this subject matter. The main character, a cat named Mouschi, lived with Anne and the other eight hiders in the secret annex in Amsterdam. Unlike the hiders, Mouschi was able to roam freely from from attic to the streets of Amsterdam and narrates to the reader what he has seen. In addition to being our narrator, I believe that Mouschi brings hope and kindness to a story that is quite bleak. Animals can be an amazing source of love, comfort and humanity when little of such is to be found in humans. As this is a book for young children, is does not go into detail of the atrocities of the Holocaust. But I believe serves as a solid starting point on a difficult subject that may be elaborated on by parents and teachers when a child is ready.

Below is a little previous of a few of the pages just until I can find a moment to get my website updated.


If you know me personally, you know that I may have also been drawn to this text because I, myself, am the owner of a wily black cat. I dedicate this book to him, my Harry, who has many a time been a comfort to me in difficult times.