Society of Illustrators 55!

I'm honored to announce that my piece of Zack on the roof has been accepted into the Society of Illustrators annual this year in the uncommisioned category! Mega-thanks to the Society of Illustrators (you have been SO good to me this past year) and to the judges...with a big 'ole shout-out to the esteemed Marshall Arisman.

This is a personal piece I did of Zack sitting on my friend Dasha's roof this past summer. I loved how the pattern in his shirt just kind of blended in to the windows of the building behind him. I thought it eerily symbolic of how, after two sometimes challenging years, we are both starting to find our place in this crazy city of New York. It is always special to have a piece accepted into any competition, but I'm particularly thrilled because by the time this annual is published that will be my HUSBAND'S lovely face gracing those glossy pages!

I would by lying if I said I can't believe it's been a whole year since last year's world-rocking Society of Illustrators awards were announced because it's been just about one of the longest years I can remember. While I was awarded a gold medal and accepted into many other publications, I was simutaneously really struggling to make new work that I was proud or even remotely satisfied with. When the time came around to submit to this year's annual, I didn't think I would even do it. The pressure was all too much and didn't feel very conducive to making new art. In the end, I submitted. And after I did, I was shocked to realize something I hadn't before...everything I entered (most of which was not accepted) had been created in the past five months, that is, all since graduation. Kind of crazy, no? As an artist it is incredibly difficult to see through times of struggles with clear eyes and know that it's all somehow part of the process. But today, in a moment of clarity, I'd like to tell my future self to never give up and that your best work is always yet to come!