Illustration Friday: Water

It's been a long time since I participated in an Illustration Friday, but when I saw that this week's topic wa water, I just HAD to find something to post. I thought, surely I had a water-themed piece floating around that didn't make it into my Swimmer Girls book. Lo and behold, the following:

I didn't end up using this piece in the book because the fish took the swimmer out of the pool and put her in open water...which was an original direction for the book. But I've always sort of liked it. This was actually the first time I really incorporated a figure into my clayboard paintings and was kind of a pivotal piece in the development of the style I'm currently using.

I want to try to contribute more to Illustration Friday. I think it is a great little community. It kept me drawing and illustrating during the time in my life when I did not have a very creative day job and was really at a loss as to where my career was heading. Because of the blog I kept at that time and my weekly Illustration Friday posts, I rediscovered how much I onced hoped to be an illustrator. It inspired me to apply to SVA, to go back to school, and to live the life I have today. A full time career in illustration is not for everyone (and certainly not due to lack of talent or skill). Communities like Illustration Friday keep art alive in the lives of so many people and that is just really awesome.