Odd Jobs

Thanks to a brief (about 2 days) break in summer business, I was able to tackle a few interesting commissioned projects for some friends of mine. These were both really fun to do and definitely out of the ordinary.

Above, a tattoo design. It's mostly just for inspiration, but I'm still really excited to see it in the flesh (heh heh). My friend gets inked on Monday!

And below (this one was really different), shrinky dink jewelry commemorating a loved pet! On the left is a brooch, for my friend's mom and on the right, earrings for his sister.

I'd love doing projects for friends! The payment is almost always some form of a barter–my friend with the dog took care of my cats while I was out of town. I haven't figured out Mr. Burning House's payment yet, but I think it will have something to do with Margaritas!